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2017-01-08 15:30:32

Speed up technological innovation into a leading new energy development in our country

       With the slow recovery of the global economy and the increasingly prominent environmental problems, new energy has become a trend. China has actively carried out the construction of new energy resources in various fields. Under the support of the national policy, the scale of the new energy industry is beginning to appear, but on the whole, China's grasp of the core technology of the new energy industry is far from enough, and the new energy technology in China presents the following characteristics:


1, the development of new energy in China is different, and the overall external dependence is high.


Compared with western developed countries, China's new energy industry started relatively late and its technology is relatively backward. At present, the development situation of new energy is different: photovoltaic industry has a higher maturity, but the situation of excess capacity is obvious, the wind power industry is growing steadily, the biomass energy industry is still in its infancy, and the pattern of development and utilization of geothermal industry is preliminarily formed. . As a whole, China's new energy industry has a high degree of dependence on foreign countries as a whole, and key equipment and core technology still need to be imported from Europe and the United States.


2, the government actively guides and supports new energy technology innovation.


The government's active fiscal policy guides financial leverage to support the allocation of new energy industry policies. First, we should improve policies and measures for new energy technology innovation. The government frequently issued "green new policies" to guide and support new energy technology innovation: new energy as one of the strategic emerging industries, vigorously develop new energy technology. The two is to set up state-level new energy research institutions to accelerate the popularization and application of new energy technologies in China.


3, technological innovation has obvious regional characteristics.


Regionally, there are many research and development achievements of solar energy technology in Shanghai, while in Liaoning Province, most of them are wind energy technology. According to the research and development situation of various provinces and cities in China, the developed areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong are the main output areas of new energy technology, while the progress of new energy technology in some less developed areas in the central and western regions is relatively lagging behind.


4, private enterprises are leading the technological innovation of photovoltaic industry.


At present, more than 90% of the photovoltaic enterprises are private enterprises. In the field of solar photovoltaic equipment manufacturing and solar cell manufacturing, the top ten manufacturers are also private enterprises, making great contributions to the technological innovation of the photovoltaic industry in China.


5, stability related technology has become the key bottleneck restricting development and utilization.


The output power of most new energy sources has strong randomness and intermittence, which means that the stability-related technology will become a key bottleneck restricting the large-scale development and utilization of new energy.


Therefore, we should focus on the following aspects in order to improve the development level of new energy technology in China.


1, break through key technical areas and key industries, and develop and expand national property rights.


2, cultivate and build industrial technology track suitable for China's development characteristics.


3, establish and improve the technology transfer and diffusion system for traditional industries.


4, accelerate the development of distributed energy development mode in smart grid environment.