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2018-08-07 10:52:09

Xianyang 2015 major science and technology special plan "project acceptance through smoothly

        On August 3, 2018, led by xianyang technology bureau, the province of project assessment team all of famous experts, to visit our company for inspection and acceptance of work

        Xianyang major the special plan of science and technology in 2015, authorized by xianyang technology bureau, our company take "the high temperature sintering furnace production of anode materials technology development" project, completed on schedule, the data indicators have reached the requirements of the contract. The assessment team all leadership earnestly listened to my company project report summary, acceptance of the expert group on production site, the detailed audit inspection strictly. And the acceptance of the work of our company at the meeting for professional counseling and complementary Suggestions.

        Here, thank you sincere acceptance of expert of all the members of the leadership group, my company will, as always in the market to move forward!