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2017-04-29 17:23:07

Send representatives to attend our company sponsored by the shaanxi provincial intellectual property office patent information analysis and use of actual combat training

      On April 25, 2017, my company sent representatives to attend the sponsored by the shaanxi provincial intellectual property office, China intellectual property information center in yangling and xianyang intellectual property office to undertake training.

      The main content of the training for the patent information analysis and utilization. Training by the state intellectual property office of zhang xiao3 feng4 such as teacher lectures, training is given priority to with on-site guidance, theory teaching as the auxiliary pole, combined with the vivid image of the case analysis of patent retrieval, patent retrieval process and result evaluation, patent retrieval data processing, patent analysis diagram production and so on has carried on the explanation, rapidly improve students of patent information retrieval, analysis and utilization of practical skills.

        Xianyang intellectual property office attaches great importance to the work of intellectual property in recent years, especially to jitc work, in the enterprise, jitc gradually found that if the enterprise can't master retrieval method, jitc work was hard to implement, enterprise also hard to carry out other various deep work. This opportunity is really rare, at the same time also learned a lot.