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2017-05-18 11:11:32

Our company leaders to attend special equity trading center in shaanxi xianyang 2017 opening ceremony

       On May 18, 2017, signing up for training base in the zone and the opening ceremony of xianyang in shaanxi province held a grand equity trading center trading floor, my company general manager wang meng attended the opening ceremony.

        Accept approved a total of 12 enterprises are: xianyang six yuan hua kiln equipment co., LTD., shaanxi xianyang bonding carbon crystal co., LTD., anticorrosion research institute co., LTD., shanxi everlasting source mining co., LTD., xianyang and electric co., LTD., etc.

        12 companies respectively with shaanxi equity trading center of the leaders, in turn, gong, the special opening ceremony in song gong successfully in the end.